Bugs are Sustainable & Nutritious

2.8 BILLION people in the world are already eating bugs. Caterpillars, beetles, larva, ants, crickets, grasshoppers and some 1,900 other edible bug species are on the daily menu for millions of families. Many people and companies are working hard to transform bugs from "creepy" crawlers into more familiar forms for western pallets. Not long ago, lobster was known as a "cockroach of the sea" and is now one of the most sought after delicacies in many parts of the country. If lobster can crawl out of people's nightmares and onto their plates, bugs can too!

Nutritional information on insects is varied depending on species, processing, and source. USDA information has not yet been released, though all research published currently by private firms indicate that insects are:

HIGHER in protein

LOWER in fat & calories

HIGHER in vitamins & minerals

PER GRAM than beef, poultry, or pork 


Bugs are an incredibly versatile ingredient, meaning they can be adapted to sweet or savory dishes.

Animals Can Benefit from Bugs too

Bugs can also be used as a nutritious and environmentally friendly feed for livestock as well as for pets. Companies making bug-based treats for domestic animals are popping up across the country.